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    概述: 我們都清楚自動上料攪拌車安裝成功后盡量不要進行拆卸,萬一拆卸不當會影響設備使用,但總是會有這樣那樣的原因,讓我們不得不對去其進行
      We all know that the automatic feeding mixer should not be disassembled as far as possible after the installation is successful. In case improper disassembly will affect the use of the equipment, but there will always be such and such reasons that we have to disassemble and repair it. Then what should we prepare before disassembly?
      Check before disassembly: before disassembly of automatic feeding agitator, technical personnel will carry out a comprehensive check on the use of equipment and the operation of each system, make a good record, and take feasible preventive measures to eliminate potential safety hazards and avoid accidental damage in the process of disassembly, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.
      Pre-disassembly maintenance: in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment during the next installation, the overall cleaning and oiling maintenance of the equipment must be carried out before disassembly to ensure the lubrication of each machine in place, so as to prepare for relocation.
      General need to check the main parts: host powder weighing machine unloading door, running shaft end lubrication, host unloading door, cement bin, fly ash bin and screw machine with old material, powder silo unloading of each scale unloading port and unloading valve, batching machine unloading port, automatic feeding mixing car appearance and other parts.
      Work site: the roadbed is concrete, bentonite, fine sand, reservoir and other materials and facilities around the automatic feeding mixer are all cleaned up and shipped out within a week before disassembly. Ensure that the construction site is free of obstructions and has sufficient space for demolition work.
      Some automatic feeding mixer work efficiency is lower and lower, so the reason for this situation may be because there is no timely maintenance, and perhaps because there is no correct maintenance, specific it still has a lot of maintenance taboo, such as avoid oil only add not change; Avoid cylinder liner and piston new without matching that installation; Do not check the piston travel allowance. Therefore, we are required to maintain the equipment and will maintain, the correct method is very important, if you want to know about it, come to http://www.mayracasales.net consultation!