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    The most obvious feature of the white can body is eye-catching. In fact, because the concrete mixer truck is easy to get dirty during work, it can be found and cleaned in time when the car body is stained with concrete, so as to avoid the corrosion of paint when the concrete solidifies on the car body. Therefore, white plays an important role in cleaning the appearance of the whole vehicle.
    From the perspective of physics, according to the principle of light reflection, the darker the color, the weaker the light reflection intensity, and the reflective property of white materials is better, among which black has the strongest heat absorption and white is the weakest. In the hot summer, the light shape color can effectively reflect the sunlight and avoid the sharp rise of tank temperature caused by direct sunlight, which can reduce the heat absorption intensity of concrete mixer truck and reduce the solidification hardness of internal building materials.
    White vehicles have a high safety factor.
    Due to the high center of gravity and large size of the concrete mixer, the probability of safety traffic accidents is high. White can be noticed from a distance, which improves the safety factor.
    Of course, the safety factor of concrete mixer truck can be improved. In addition to using white coating, the safety factor can also be improved through the management of fleet and vehicles.
    For example, in terms of concrete vehicle management, the construction express line will create an efficient vehicle dispatching center and fleet management. Through the GPS position query, the operation of the concrete truck can be monitored at any time, and the abnormal conditions such as overspeed, detour, off-site unloading, driver oil stealing and material stealing can be alarmed and recorded, which facilitates the dispatching to correct errors in time and ensure normal transportation.
    The driver arrives at the construction site through electronic delivery note and automatic navigation, which reduces the probability of taking the wrong road to a certain extent. The driver can not only "run more times" and "finish running early", but also ensure driving safety. In addition, the card swiping queue and the LED large screen guide the driver to load, so that the driver can watch the screen to load and rest in the lounge at the same time, combining work and rest, so as to reduce traffic accidents caused by fatigue.
    In fact, the white coating of automatic mixer truck is only common, but there is no fixed color. In life, we can still see mixing cars of other colors, such as red, orange and so on.