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    概述:自動上料攪拌車擋油故障是哪里的原因? Where is the reason for the oil retaining failure of automatic feeding mixer? 如
    Where is the reason for the oil retaining failure of automatic feeding mixer?
    If used for too long, the oil seal will wear. Solution: just replace the oil seal with a new one.
    If the oil is not changed for a long time, the quality of the filter element will decline, the oil will become too dirty, and the wear of the oil seal will be accelerated. Solution: replace the hydraulic oil and filter element as soon as possible.
    The spindle swing oil seal is worn because the drive shaft is unbalanced and vibrates violently. Solution: correct and replace the shaft in time.
    The hydraulic oil will deteriorate and emulsify, which will reduce the lubrication performance and accelerate the wear of the oil seal. Solution: replace the hydraulic oil and filter element as soon as possible. In severe cases, clean the system.
    The pump support is loose, the pump is opened, and the pump fixing bolts are loose, resulting in vibration of the whole hydraulic pump and wear of the oil seal. Solution: in order to prevent and avoid faults, please always check and eliminate possible faults of self loading mixer truck.
    The oil return of the automatic feeding mixer system is not smooth, and the oil return pipe and radiator are blocked, which will increase the pressure in the motor housing and lead to oil seal leakage. Solution: remove the blockage and stabilize the oil return circuit.
    If the radiator does not dissipate heat, the oil temperature will be too high, the viscosity and lubricity will be reduced, the oil seal will overheat and the seal will fail.
    Solution: remove the obstacles on the radiator and cool the system to avoid wear of the pump motor. In severe cases, it is necessary to stop the engine, turn it off, and flush the pump motor and radiator housing with water to achieve cooling effect.
    When driving in winter, due to insufficient preheating, the oil temperature is too low, and the oil seal and oil seal cannot reach the ideal working temperature. Countermeasures: when starting, stop the oil tank, run at idle speed for 10 to 20 minutes, and replace the oil tank after the oil temperature returns to normal.
    The oil seal at the shaft end of the hydraulic pump of the automatic feeding mixer is a vulnerable part. Strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations can effectively prevent many oil leaks. If you encounter oil leakage, you need to calm down and find out the specific cause of the problem.
    This is the problem of oil retaining of automatic feeding mixer truck. Do you understand?