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    概述:攪拌一體車跟其它車輛一樣也是需要保養的,保養要從細節做起,平時在使用的過程中就需要細心,那具體需要注意哪些事項呢? Like other ve
    Like other vehicles, the mixer truck also needs maintenance. The maintenance should start from the details. Usually, you need to be careful in the process of use. What should you pay attention to?
    1. Generally, newly purchased agitators need to tighten the screws of the whole vehicle after a week or two of use, especially the "U" bolts connecting the auxiliary beam and chassis, followed by the bolts between the reducer and the tank. When tightening, the tightening torque should reach 300-350Nm.
    2. After the hydraulic system is used for 250 hours for the first time, the high-pressure anti-wear hydraulic oil must be replaced. After that, it must be replaced every 2500 hours, but the oil change time should not exceed one year. The radiator filter element should be replaced at the same time.
    3. The heavy load gear oil shall be replaced after the reducer is used for 250 hours for the first time, and then every 2500 hours, but the oil change time shall not exceed one year.
    4. During normal use, when the radiator vacuum gauge reading exceeds 0.03MPa, replace the hydraulic oil and filter element immediately.
    5. The radiator temperature control switch automatically controls the operation and stop of the fan. Please do not pull it at will.
    6. The transmission shaft connecting the chassis and the hydraulic pump shall be filled with lithium base grease every week.
    7. The mixing tank of the mixer truck must be internally cleaned after each discharge to prevent ash sticking in the tank, which shall be cleaned at least once every three months.
    8. The tank inspection hole is the "manhole" used for the internal maintenance of the tank. When necessary, it can be opened to release the ready mixed concrete in the tank.
    9. The contact surface between the guide rail and the supporting wheel of the mixing tank shall be coated with lithium based grease every week.
    10. The supporting wheel shall be filled with lithium base grease every week.
    11. The oil unloading shaft shall be filled with lithium base grease every week.
    12. The control system of the mixer truck shall be filled with lithium base grease lubricating oil every week to ensure flexible operation.
    We should fully understand the above 12 items of mixer truck, so that it can be used smoothly in construction. If you have any questions, please come to our website http://www.mayracasales.net Consult!